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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One last MIM entry

So I wasn't intending to do another card for this weeks MIM. I truly set out to make a card to mail to my cousin in Greece- she had a little procedure done and I wanted to cheer her up a bit.
But of course I left it till last minute so I scrounged through my pictures folder for a pretty card to case. I came upon a beauty from Veronica z which I can't link from my phone, but do yourself a favour and google Veronica Zalis blog. You'll be there for a while!! Such pretty creations'

Anyways, after putting my card together I realized the embelishment was off the page. So I grabbed a slightly larger envelope. A piece if acetate will protect the back, and bubble wrap ( yes, bubble wrap) will hug the front. Since there us only one layer of it it's still mailable as letter mail.

So glad to be working on another 2013 resolution which is 'get the stinking cards in the mail!!'

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